A Place



Last Saturday night I perched on the edge of a workbench amidst a crowd of 75+ people and bundles of twinkly lights, listening to wonderful live music with a backdrop of papercuts. In my very own studio.  There was beer being served in a restored airstream trailer down the way and groups huddled around firepits outside.

Last summer I became a partner at Twispworks in Twisp, Washington, and it couldn’t have been a better gamble. The 1000 ft space is part of an old forest service campus that has been taken over and turned into a thriving hub within our rural community.  My neighbors are artists and makers, as well as the local radio station, newspaper, and alternative high school program.  It is the perfect amount of interaction as folks wander through, checking out the open studios and native plant garden, or coming for a Methow Skills workshop and then staying to enjoy a bahn mi under the maple trees. Yep we even have a great food truck.

As part of my welcome into this great scene, I have been working on design and artwork for a new community plaza that is to be the heart of this place.  My contribution includes 100’ of cut steel panels that wrap around the plaza. Right now they peak out of the snow banks, awaiting the completion of landscaping and construction phases. But as a tentative spring creeps in here, I see a little more of them every day and feel myself settling in to a wonderful new place.




Come visit when you are in the Valley.  Twispworks is at the south end of Glover street and I’m the green door at the middle of Building 10.  See works in progress, framed originals, and a full collection of book, prints, and cards.




*As you may have noticed ive been off the blogging map for too long. I have good intentions to be more regular in my reports. In the meantime follow me on Instagram  @hannahviano to see whats happening in the studio and on the road.


A different kind of Monday


We are having a different  kind of Mondays. The bike ride to school is composed of mostly dirt road and the mountains are out every day. Our new home has been a hard place to love at times, with blast furnace heat by the fourth of July and wildfires on the ridges nearby for most of August. Then suddenly the calendar ticked over to September and the air cleared, nights cooled, school started, and this new life has begun. The first piece to come off of my work table is going into the Northwest Outward Bound auction, at their raucous Black Tie and Tennis Shoes fundraiser next month. It is a hope for early snow to cool all those lingering burns around here and throughout all too much of the west.


What exactly “work” looks like now is an ever evolving line of conversations. My next book, B is For Bear A Natural Alphabet will be on the shelves in a month and my retail items will show up in Confluence Gallerys gift shop here in Twisp in time for Christmas. The snowy winter rolls out on the far horizon with plans for an exhibit of work inspired by my springtime Inside Passage trips, and work on a flannel covered, wooly hatted mountain storybook.

Looking back at last seasons sketchbook, I found this ramble done in the Deserter Islands of Queen Charlotte Sound but very much the essence of our move to different Mondays.

“..a deserter from the world of the big mortgage and the small vacation, too busy and not enough time. Running downwind from that life to a new one that looks up at the sky and notices changes in the air and the beauty in feeling, being, doing, living high.”


In the spin

fish valentine

“xoxo” papercut 20″x16, 2015

I am lucky.

As life spins round faster and faster these days, I have someone by my side. One coffee cup over, at the other end of an 8mm line, tangled up with in between the puppy paws and stinky kid feet.

Poised between new years resolutions and Valentines wishes, I send out hope that we can all appreciate those we have while we have them.

Inspiration is free


Project 30"x20"



I think this year for christmas I am getting inspiration.

*I asked for a flat file, dreamed of a cashmere hoody, and truly need new tires for my bike (the go everywhere, carry everything,one less minivan, crucial-for-life item).

All this month, like my own advent calendar (and better  than cheap chocolates that you open a new door to every day) things have been coming my way.  Inspiring people and places, in all types of media are streaming in.  At the same time the light is shining on my own web of  connections within the work that is already started……A strong breath blowing under the fledgling fire and giving it oxygen to burn  bright.

At the top of my inspiring list is a Biology professor at the University of Washington, who is trying to revitalize the study of Natural History with the help of new technology and his own web of creative folks from all different disciplines.  Check out The Natural Histories Project, and an upcoming article in “Science” journal  by J.Tewksbury and collaborators that will have some of my art tucked into the background.


by commission 16"x11"

Make your own fun

“Make your own fun” means you dont need endless tubs of plastic toys

or swing and slide parks

or scheduled, organized, excessively structured play times.

Fun is anywhere you are, with whatever you have,

costs nothing and requires nothing but an open heart.

It is a great  co-op preschool in the depths of a funky church basement.

These shirts and totes I designed for a fundraising project at Broadview.

warm reception













thanks to all of you who made it down to the boathouse gallery and gave my work such a warm reception. There was great food (extra thank you’s to Jess), a sprinkling of fun tot chaos, and a lot of great community. Many of the pieces have already gotten thier red dots, but some of my  personal favourites are still up for grabs and  the whole lot of  them will be up till May for anyone who happens by to enjoy.  I am excited to start fresh on new work, encouraged by a new space to work in and the buds sprouting out everywhere.

Ps. If anyone is looking to purchase work from the Carving Out The Edges show, please contact me directly (click on hannah above) for the moment as my etsy shop is not quite ready.


This friday the 21st I have an art opening for a show of my papercuts at the

Center For Wooden Boats in Seattle (south lake union). Click here for the showposter.











The exhibit will be up until May 14th, so if you cant make it to the opening because your highest heels are in the shop or you have an aversion to wine, and delicious bites put together by the lovely Jess Thomson, there is plenty of time to go down and have a look. Maybe even a sail while you’re at it.

Opening night I will be doing a tiny talk about my life around the water and my newfound love of cut paper art. Probably around 7:30 ish. Hope to see you there.